How to White Wash a Fireplace…and Shiplap it too!

I mentioned in the last post that Lindsay moved into a new house in February!  And it’s full of charm.  Seriously, you guys would love it!  This last month she has been busy going through gallons of paint, and  fixing it up.  Take a look at her first project.

Here is the BEFORE of the fireplace:

She had bigs plans for this thing.  And her sister Danielle and I invited ourselves over to help!  🙂 The brick is gorgeous, she freshened it up a bit by white-washing.  All it took was thinning out some white paint (we literally eyeballed it) no measuring required.  Just add some water to a small container, mix with white paint and get it to a thin consistency.  Grab some rags and you are ready to go…

We don’t like to show our faces lol, but here is a pic of Lindsay mixing the paint.  We did attempt to do a live video on Instagram which turned out hilarious!  There was a whole bunch of laughing trying to figure  out IG live.  Sadly, in the middle of this project I totally neglected taking in between pictures because I have ADHD.  🙂

Anyway, back to painting… Paint your mixture onto the brick working in small sections.  With the rag, wipe off the paint so it is not too thick…repeat the steps until you are done!  It took a few hours to get it all painted.  And we painted two coats.  We also used a small paintbrush to paint over the grout.  It was hard to get in there with a regular paintbrush.

It turned out so great.

The next part of this project took place the next day!  And it involved Shiplap!!!  Lindsay’s husband Craig is so good at installing this.

Here is the AFTER of the project:

Turned out to be such a cozy space!  Thanks for following along. 🙂

Jolene and Lindsay

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  1. Lindsay Foley April 25, 2017 at 7:29 pm #


  2. Anonymous April 25, 2017 at 9:31 pm #

    Looks great!
    Nana A.

  3. Joanne April 26, 2017 at 1:23 am #

    What a transformation! Great job girls!

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