5 Tips for Speed-Cleaning Your Car

No one really likes cleaning out the car, but I think we can all agree that when a car is clean you feel good!  It takes no time at all for our kids to destroy the car with their snacks and toys.  Cars constantly take a beating (especially if you have kids), but there are a few things you can do to keep one step ahead of the mess…at least some of the time! 🙂




As you can see we have fun in the summer!  Below is a picture of the aftermath of a beach trip.  More on how to deal with the sand later…





Love pool days, wet towel smell and all!  Just read that you can put essential oil on a cotton ball and stick it in your vent to get rid of yucky car smells.  Haven’t tried it yet, but might soon…


Mom’s can make a mess of the car too…Dunks addiction anyone?





And then you have the trash…oh the trash.  Now, you may be saying,  “Just don’t let your kids eat in the car.”  Well, unfortunately we are on the go too often for that.  If you ever got stranded in this car, at any given time (look under the seats), you could probably survive on the goldfish and french fries for a week!. 🙂


One of my children likes to hoard her trash in her seat pocket!


So, one of the best tips we can give you is to go to the dollar store and buy one of these dust pan brushes to keep in your car!  It works great on dirt and sand.  It’s perfect for a quick sweep of crumbs when you can’t vacuum your car.  And lets be honest, who has time to thoroughly vacuum on a weekly or even a monthly basis?


Also, invest in rubber mats if your car does not have them already.  A quick shake and a sweep and you get rid of the majority of dirt.  If by chance you have extra time…a hand held vacuum, shop vac, or a trip to the car wash is great to do once a season (or more often according to your needs).

Another tip: Whenever you fill your car up at the gas station gather all the trash you can find and get into a habit of throwing it away there. Even if you cant get it all cleaned up, you will feel better just getting some of the trash out of your car!

Now here is the best tip of all: (Assuming you have kids, because if you do not your car is probably not messy).

Enlist your littles to help you clean out the car.  Offer them a reward for their hard work when they finish!  You will get the job done much faster and a little old fashioned hard work won’t kill them, in fact it’s good for them!  Give them each a plastic bag for gathering trash (even a three year old can help), and if you have extra time, the older ones can shake out mats and vacuum.







As you can see the girls are thrilled lol!


End result is a semi-clean car…enjoy it while you can friends, because it wont last long, but we will take what we can get!

Jolene and Lindsay


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  1. Kellie September 23, 2016 at 12:22 pm #

    What a great post! It looks very familiar!!! & your kids are so adorable!

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