Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes!

Our boys play sports, and with sports there are cleats.  This pile had been driving me crazy.  I’m usually so organized, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to touch this pile.  Baseball was starting and #3 needed cleats.  Since they don’t get much use when they are little, we try to recycle them down to Brady.  Searching through that pile was not a fun task.  I finally found a matching pair and grabbed my label maker.

Let me divert here for a second.  I love my label maker.  Ok, it is actually my sister’s that I stole from her.  I like to label, she doesn’t…and I’m pretty sure anything that she hasn’t claimed in ten years goes to me.  Back to the label maker!  If you don’t have one get one.  I use this one and love it.  Super easy and fun to use.

Now all their shoes live in a nice box labeled with the size displayed in the front so we can all see what we have available.  Now if I could just get my babies to stop growing.



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