Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

Step 1

Tools Needed:
1. T-Square or Straight Edge
2. Your choice of stained 1″ x 8″ x 6′ pine board
3. Pencil
4. Sharpie

Step 2

1. Starting from the bottom, pencil dot every inch up the length of the ruler.
2. Draw a 2″ line at every 1/4 of a foot.
3. Draw a 1″ line at every other inch mark with pencil. (For example your ruler pattern should be: 1″ line, 1″ line, 2″ line, 1″ line, 1″ line, 2″ line…)

Step 3

4. Trace your lines with a Sharpie using a t-square or straight edge.
5. Add your numbers, starting at the first 6″ mark, since you will be hanging it 6″ off the floor. 

You may find your numbers at your local craft store, or they are available for purchase in our store.
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Finished Product

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