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Mudroom Alternatives

Question…when you enter your home and it has no mudroom or coat closet where do you put everyone’s stuff?  The coats, backpacks, purses and shoes…Here are two alternatives with functional storage for when you don’t have a mudroom option:

Solution #1Lindsay

Build a built in bench and storage shelf!


Here’s the thing, I have an amazing brother-in-law who can build anything! So when I hand him a picture from Pinterest, he knows he is in trouble.  We started with the built-in bench and beadboard.  Next came the custom-made shelves.  We needed three baskets for Numbers 1,2,and 3.  The boys each have a basket with their seasonal sports necessities in it.  For under the bench I found old wooden crates to store all their footwear.  Finally, we added the hooks and I made a no-sew bench cusion.  It litereally took me five minutes with my handy hot glue gun and has held up great for 5 years…even with the boys. This cozy corner of our kitchen works great for holding all our gear!

Solution #2Jolene

Find a bench and build a shelf with hooks!


I wanted to find a piece of furniture that can be moved if we ever move out.  Benches are a great renters solution because they offer portability.  I found an old wooden pew by searching on Craigslist, all it needed was some white paint.  This bench has worked out great because the kids can sit down and put on their shoes.  I also found some vintage locker baskets on eBay to corral their shoes.  They fit perfectly under the pew!  Lucas built me this awesome shelf with hooks that hold backpacks, my purse, and in colder weather the kids’ jackets.

Both of these solutions are great because they keep the clutter at bay as well as offer shelves on top for decorating.  And who doesn’t love that?!

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