Keeping it Real…Recipe Organizing Edition

The dreaded chore of meal planning…not our favorite thing in the world to do. We love cooking, but getting there with all the ingredients, recipe books, shopping on a budget and creating meals for a week or two takes a lot of time and organization, not to mention energy.

Here to help is a great little app called Paprika Recipe Manager. You can download it for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindleor Nook! It will cost you $4.99 to install but well worth it we promise! This program offers the ability to store hundreds of recipes in one place whether you download them from online sites such as Food Network, Pioneer Woman,, or any other of your favorite food sites you can think of. Paprika also offers the ability to type your own recipes, and store them by category on file (with a backup option) so you won’t lose your data.


Our favorite part of this app is the option of creating a shopping list by checking off the ingredients you need to purchase at the grocery store for each individual recipe. After you go through your recipes and click on what you need to buy, you can print out a list to take with you to the store!

We also like the feature of being able to set up our devices in the kitchen and cook directly from them. We found some cute cutting boards to hold our tablets and designed them to stand upright, added a coat of paint and they make a great paprika holder! We want to offer them to you online so click on over to our shop and purchase yours today!  Serve one another in love freebie available at Jones Design Company.

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Let us know your strategies for meals and planning and if you have any tips. We are always looking for ways to streamline our meal planning/organizing systems.

Happy Cooking!

lindsay & jolene

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