Ahhhh Spring!

After the winter we had, I can’t get enough of the sun…flowers…and plants.  Spring has sprung much later than normal this year and we finally got a warm enough weekend to work on the yard.  

The kids got me plants for Mother’s Day!  We usually stick to flowers, herbs and tomatoes every year, but this year my oldest wanted to try adding lettuce to the mix.  We will see how it goes.  Lettuce does not like full sun and we have very little shade in our yard, so this will be an experiment.  I tend to stick to low maintenance plants and flowers and I water them once a day, unless the temps are in the 90’s then I water morning and night.

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  • bird house

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For herbs we planted basil, parsley and rosemary.  For flowers there are a mix of petunias, pansies, verbena, dahlia, superbells, ranunculus and sweet potatoe vine.  I love this chartreus vine because it cascades along with the superbells.  My mom was up for a visit and showed the girls how to plant the herbs and tomatoes!  She has the green thumb in the family so I was glad she was here to show us the best layout.  We lined the tomatoes with some marigolds that Gabi planted in school (for Mother’s Day) to keep the bugs away.  Julianna’s plants (also for Mother’s Day) are just starting to sprout too!      

The girls also planted sunflower seeds in a galvanized bucket.  As soon as they start to grow I will transplant them and line the driveway with these sunny yellows.  I am waiting for my morning glories and the rest of the perrenials to bloom…they are slow this year.  Morning glories are a great perrenial becuse they bloom a pretty purple flower all summer long!  Perrenials have always been my favorite because you get the most for your money and you can separate and share them with friends.  

Gardening is fun…there is so much beauty in Creation!  I hope you can enjoy some time in the sun planting too!  


3 Responses to Gardening

  1. Carrie May 12, 2015 at 6:15 pm #

    I am so not knowledgeable about flowers, but the dalias I am seeing this year are so beautiful!

  2. Laura May 13, 2015 at 1:27 am #

    What would you suggest for a gardening newbie to start with? Tomatoes? I have a gangrene thumb.

  3. Jolene May 13, 2015 at 2:18 am #

    Carrie, those are one of my favorites! Laura, yes tomatoes are great! If you want to do herbs rosemary and parsley are hard to kill…basil is a little more temperamental. 🙂

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