Contentment While Renting

My obsession with houses started early on. When I was a little girl visiting my great-grandparent’s house, I was enamored by the high ceilings, gorgeous archways, wooden staircase, sun room with tons of windows and the cool door that led down to the basement. I have always loved homes and the character they possess. I love the way each one has its own unique feel and layout, and most of all, I love the stories they tell. 

I went on to major in interior design in college. So naturally I would dream about the kind of home I would someday live in. Lucas and I have been married for 11 years and started out in a two bedroom condo. The street name could not have been cuter. Blossom Lane for a former floral designer was perfect. 

We moved in in the fall of 2003 and I immediately started decorating. Five years and two baby girls later we realized we were outgrowing the space and my husband wanted to be closer to work. So we decided renting out our condo was the best bet (considering the current real estate market) and we moved into a rental temporarily for 18 months. Then we moved again after we had our third baby into a cozy 3 bedroom cape. This is where we currently reside and have rented the past two years. I honestly adore it here and would love to buy it someday if the opportunity arises; but for now I am blessed with a friendly landlord who has let me paint every room and hang whatever I want on the walls!

I tell you this story because I am not always content to rent. I want to own and create in my space without restrictions. I dream of the day I can rip up the carpet in the dining room (I’ll never understand that design choice), and install hardwood floors and open shelving in the kitchen.  But for now in this time God has for me, I choose to be content with this wonderful blessing of a cozy home that I can share with my family.

Through this journey of owning and renting I have come across two amazing home books.  Each with an underlying theme of contentment.  It’s always fun to read about other women and their home adventures and to get inspired by their creativity!  If you want to cozy up with a couple of great reads: The Nesting Place, by Myquillyn Smith and Love the Home you Have, by Melissa Michaels are where I would start! 

With all of the beauty in blogs, home decorating shows, magazines and Pinterest, it’s easy to be discontent and want that other people have.  I am still working on it, but I consciously pause and remember to be thankful for the home I rent and the wonderful people I share it with!






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