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Well here we are, two days out. ¬†Please excuse us while we breath into a paper bag…just kidding. ūüôā ¬†Looking forward to being able to sit and relax on the 25th. ¬†To be honest this is not our favorite time of year, and that’s horrible to say we know. ¬†We liked it much better as kids, and have an even greater appreciation for our parents now, realizing how much work it is for this one special day. ¬†Presently the hustle and bustle takes away from the true meaning. ¬†But all in all, on the actual day, (when the last present is wrapped and the baking is done), we can pause and thank the real Reason for the Season while enjoying the day through the eyes of our kids!

One thing we can both agree on is we love to decorate!  We kept it simple this year and focused on a neutral color pallet with not too much clutter.  So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and enjoy the tour!


Our trees are dressed with a simple burlap garland for texture and some shiny ornaments.  Red beads and berries for Lindsay and pinecones for me.  We made cute black and white photo tags a few years ago and dyed them with coffee to make them look vintage.  Maybe next Christmas we will share a tutorial for how to do that!

Do you guys just love Christmas stockings?!! ¬†A friend was talking to me the other day about how she loves seeing everyones stockings, and how each home has different kinds. ¬†It’s true, you can tell a lot about a person from their stocking style. ¬†We love seeing all the different patterns! ¬†Stockings seem to always fit an individual’s personality!

Every year the day after Christmas we meet in the morning at this awesome local flower shop for their 50 percent of holiday decor sale!  This is where we find the best real looking greenery.  And we hoard them for the following year!  This wreath was part of that sale.

Also, Target dollar spot has the cutest selection of Holiday decor right after Thanksgiving!  This year we found these red and white ticking buntings, and two years ago we scored these wooden skis.  We love these because once Christmas is over, you can transition into winter decor and use them until Easter.  Actually, we could probably use them up until May (with all the snow we get in New England), but that is another blog post.

Please enjoy these completely staged pictures above. ¬†LOL, these benches never, ever look like this. ¬†Especially when its been 6 degrees in New Hampshire during school vacation this week. ¬†We can’t even pretend that real life doesn’t happen here. ¬†And just in case you think we are joking, the next two pics will show the jackets I moved off the pew bench to take this picture.

And the pile of papers I took out of the galvanized files on the wall…my conscience wouldn’t let me NOT show you that…you’re welcome!

Let’s get back to decorating…

Another simple way to add a little bit of holiday bling is to hang a few shiny ornaments or snowflakes from your chandelier.  It works best if you use odd numbers and hang at different levels.  You could also put some berries around your candelabra for a festive touch.

Lets talk about this shiplap mantel! ¬†And check out the antlers Lindsay’s husband mounted for her, donned with more target dollar spot loot! ¬†This pom pom garland is a neutral way to add some whimsy to your decor. ¬†And the whole vignette is balanced off with her vintage scales and trees. ¬†If you ever get stumped in decorating, symmetry is a perfect way to add visual interest to any space, while still maintaining order in your design.

Decorating with vintage smalls:  Thrift store milk glass, outdoor berries and greenery is an easy and cost effective way to add Christmas detail to any space.

This jolly little vintage Santa even has a few cinnamon sticks tucked in on top.

A sweet friend hand painted this adorable vintage camper for Lindsay!  It is the cutest.  If you want the details on how to purchase one, leave us a message in the comment section and we will put you in touch with her!

Pop some red decor on your shelves to add a touch of holiday charm…And there’s that ticking bunting again! ¬†I was in Target today and they still have them in their dollar section if you want to stock up for next year! ūüôā

Thank you guys for joining us on our little holiday tour.  We appreciate you stopping by, and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend with your family and friends!  We are looking forward to sharing more creative ideas with you in the New Year!!!

Jolene & Lindsay

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