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Summer Road Trip

A few years ago, my sister-in-law and I started talking about taking the kids on a road trip.  We wanted to wait until the youngest two were six.  I think they were three when we started planning.  We originally wanted to drive out west and take our time seeing the sights.  We realized it would […]

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Summer Reading for the Rest of Us

Ahhh summer…The perfect time to relax and get caught up in a good book!  Lindsay is an avid reader.  She is fast and reads through books like I go through coffee K-cups.  I on the other hand am a binge reader.  I’ll go months without reading a fictional novel and then all of a sudden […]

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The Girl’s Summer Reading List

Julianna is almost nine and will be going into 4th grade.  She enjoys reading!  She has a little book club going on right now with her friend and every time they are together they trade books to read.  Currently she is in the middle of the Geronimo Stilton series and loves them!  Here are a few […]

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The Boy’s Summer Reading List

Getting #1 to read is a challenge.  I can’t tell you how many books he has started and hasn’t finished.  He would much rather be running around playing sports.  He has been doing a lot more reading this school year than he ever has before.  He just turned 11 and will be going into sixth […]

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Reflecting on the month of May…

May…the month I dread every year.   I just want to share a few things I struggled with last month and what the Lord taught me.  It is such a busy month for us.  Two of our kids have birthdays, the boys have baseball and spring soccer going on, studying for finals for school, Mother’s Day, my mom and my mother-in-law’s birthdays…and the […]

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The Month of May

Next to the crazy holiday season we think the month of May is the busiest month of the year!  Hectic schedules including sports, recitals, end of year school programs, family birthdays, church activities, graduations…not to mention the busyness of everyday life…things tend to get a little (okay a lot) crazy this time of year. So […]

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Cinco de Mayo

Our littles turned 5 last year on May 5th and 6th.  A year has passed, and we are in denial that they are turning 6.  Here is a throwback to a fun and festive Cinco de Mayo party! Starting with the food, we bought clear trays and assembled a nacho bar with toppings.  We also […]

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Kindness Goes a Long Way

On my way back from April vacation this week, my family had a layover in Atlanta and had to scramble to catch the connecting flight.  We almost didn’t make it!  We totally missed the family with young children boarding time.  When we got on the plane there were only two seats left together in the […]

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