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Decorating with Plants

We hope everyone had a fun Easter yesterday!  This New England spring has started off a little slow this year.  So, what better way to bring in some color, and decorate the inside of our homes than with plants?!! These birds nest ferns are low maintenance and are the best color green!  Pop them in […]

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Jelly Bean Tree Tutorial

Spring is in the air…well not really for us in New England, but we can pretend right?!  Here is a quick and fun tutorial for an inexpensive spring decoration. To get started you need a few things:  Branches  Container or Vase for Branches (I had this one in my stash)  Jelly Beans (any kind will […]

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DIY Vintage Book Page Screen

I wanted to share with you a project I started over 7 years ago…you heard that right…procrastination at its finest, but it turned out pretty cute! I received this screen as a freebie from my previous job.  They were getting rid of it…say what?  And I rescued it from the dumpster! The style did not fit my decor […]

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DIY Boxwood Wreath

Recently we went to a fun craft night at our friend Sarah’s house.  We made tiny boxwood wreaths and they turned out really cute!  Here is a quick tutorial if you want to try and make one for yourself… Start with a small grapevine wreath or any small wreath form. Cut and bundle greens of your choice (we […]

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Target Does It Again!

Have you seen these vintage truck pillows? They are everywhere! We have been on the hunt for a budget-friendly pillow and once again, Target did not disappoint.  We found these canvas bags hidden on an end cap for $3.50 each.  Grabbed a couple and knew  how to transform these bags into pillows in just minutes! […]

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Layering a Table for the Holidays

I love a cozy table!  It’s fun to set a fancy table for guests once in a while.  Because lets face it, (in my house) the table is rarely set for this many people, and if it is it’s for a cookout or pizza on paper plates. 🙂  Hosting a big holiday happens for me once or maybe twice a […]

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