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Big Girl Bedroom

Once upon a time there was a little girl…she grew up way to fast.  Julianna is 10 going on 16.  And as of recently, she is stealing my shoes and is almost my height.  Sigh. 🙁 For two years she has been asking for her own room.  Problem is, we have no more rooms.  Haha…but […]

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Adding Curb Appeal

Happy April friends!  Lots has happened since our last post.  We can’t believe it has been three months since we shared a project with you.  Shame on us!:)  We are constantly trying to juggle between life with kids and blogging.  The good news is Lindsay bought a new house, and I’ve been decorating for a […]

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Christmas Home Tours

Well here we are, two days out.  Please excuse us while we breath into a paper bag…just kidding. 🙂  Looking forward to being able to sit and relax on the 25th.  To be honest this is not our favorite time of year, and that’s horrible to say we know.  We liked it much better as […]

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Back to School Organizing

It’s that time of year again…this summer flew!  There is a hint of Fall in the air today here in New England.  If you’re thinking about getting organized for back to school check out this post.  Our kids start back tomorrow…So that means getting supplies together and laying out clothes.  For a budget friendly back […]

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