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Decorating with Plants

We hope everyone had a fun Easter yesterday!  This New England spring has started off a little slow this year.  So, what better way to bring in some color, and decorate the inside of our homes than with plants?!! These birds nest ferns are low maintenance and are the best color green!  Pop them in […]

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Brimfield Fair 2015

Brimfield Fair…A New England tradition where people gather three times a year to hunt through miles of hidden treasures.  We missed our chance in May, but thanks to family watching the kids we were able to hit the road last week.  Once again, Lucas was our chauffeur/hauler/camera-man for the day! There is so much to […]

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Yard Sale Mania

It’s that time of year when the weather is warm and everyone is spring cleaning for a weekend yard sale.  As the saying goes, ” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Very true statement.  Some of our best treasures have been someone else’s castoffs!  Both of us can say that a large percentage of […]

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The Month of May

Next to the crazy holiday season we think the month of May is the busiest month of the year!  Hectic schedules including sports, recitals, end of year school programs, family birthdays, church activities, graduations…not to mention the busyness of everyday life…things tend to get a little (okay a lot) crazy this time of year. So […]

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