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Kindness Goes a Long Way

On my way back from April vacation this week, my family had a layover in Atlanta and had to scramble to catch the connecting flight.  We almost didn’t make it!  We totally missed the family with young children boarding time.  When we got on the plane there were only two seats left together in the […]

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Contentment While Renting

My obsession with houses started early on. When I was a little girl visiting my great-grandparent’s house, I was enamored by the high ceilings, gorgeous archways, wooden staircase, sun room with tons of windows and the cool door that led down to the basement. I have always loved homes and the character they possess. I […]

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Coffee Station

So anyone that knows me know that I am an avid coffee lover/drinker and that is putting is mildly. There is nothing better than that first sip of coffee in the morning (or any time of day), even if I end up heating it in the microwave ten times before eight o’clock! That being said, […]

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