Adding Curb Appeal

Happy April friends!  Lots has happened since our last post.  We can’t believe it has been three months since we shared a project with you.  Shame on us!:)  We are constantly trying to juggle between life with kids and blogging.  The good news is Lindsay bought a new house, and I’ve been decorating for a couple of people on the side part time!  We have lots of projects coming, so stay tuned for those!

Today we are going to show you a very easy and inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home.  Sometimes a little paint is all it takes!  The beginning of April we had an April Fool’s Day snow storm…sigh.  New England is famous for its drastic weather extremes.  One day is snowing like crazy, and the next its 50 degrees and sunny!  So you can see why we are dying for spring.  Literally can’t wait for the snow to be gone and to see some green grass again.  But for now I will show you some pictures from this past Summer/Fall, and what I did to spruce up the front of our cozy rental cape!

Here is the before…The plastic shutters had begun to fade, and our landlord replaced the front door, leaving it up to us what color we wanted to paint it.  You may have noticed there is a trend right now with bold colored front doors.  Bright pops of color can be fun!  However, I am a neutral girl, so I was slightly nervous about choosing such a bold color choice, but I decided to give it a go…and I’m glad I did!

This color (Sweet Mustard) is from Home Depot and it is an exterior paint finish.  I usually don’t pick a yellow, but this has just enough brown in it to make me happy!

For the spray paint I used 5 cans of Rust-oleum 2x (two coats each).  And so far its held up great!  The guy at Home Depot told me he spray painted his shutters with the same paint 8 years ago and it still looks great, so I took his word for it. 🙂

Here is the after…what do you think?!  Isn’t it amazing the difference paint can make!

Flowers and plants also make a huge difference in adding charm to the exterior of a home.  Here is a gardening post from a couple of summers ago you might enjoy!

Below are a few pictures of pinterest homes with bright pops of front door color.  If you’re in the market for a fun change, this may be the Spring makeover for you!




2 Responses to Adding Curb Appeal

  1. Linda Montgomery August 17, 2017 at 3:15 pm #

    I love your door color! I’ve wanted to paint my doors for a few years now but just can’t come up with a color to go with burgundy shutters that I would enjoy through all seasons! Any suggestions?

  2. Lindsay September 4, 2017 at 9:36 pm #

    Thanks Linda! With burgundy shutters I would go with a dark gray door. 🙂

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